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3d 2nd edition plain 260pxwideDoes it sometimes seem that everyone else is doing ‘smarter’ things on their smartphones than you? Do you feel you’re not taking full advantage of some of the amazing technology available today, or perhaps just don’t know that it even exists?

This second edition of Martin Bailey’s Amazon 'Top 100' book (Dec 2016) aims to solve life’s little problems one gadget at a time. Including hardware tech, PC/Mac software and mobile apps, it’s laid out in an easy-to-read, concise format with each item covering two pages. It’s written in plain English, with informative illustrations and links to where you can find out more information.

Covering over 100 gadgets, whether you’re looking to improve your golf game, fix your PC and fill it with free software, measure a room using your phone or even alter your state of mind without drink or drugs, The Useful Book of Gadgets, Gizmos and Apps has something for everyone.

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